Friday, December 26, 2008


I'd like to see a talk show produced around the concept of transparency, where the host and executive producer would post online every conceivable personal agenda, hidden or otherwise, to give the audience a better understanding of their particular point of view.

Put it all out there, political affiliations, voting record, board positions, investments, income, work history, education, family, etc...

How much more credibility would someone have who is willing to publish their personal bias and hidden agendas before discussing or presenting the issues of the day?  Same thing for the guests of such a show.  If you want to appear on the program you would also have to disclose your own personal bias before appearing.

What we have now, in my view,  are two media worlds, online and traditional, where the one world is built on a foundation of transparency, openness and an explosion of viewpoints, while the other is tightly managed, with fewer viewpoints expressed by guests and hosts who appear to conceal a hidden agenda.

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